Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Traffic Lawyers Club - Free!!

Our traffic lawyer club is up and running. This is a feature on our traffic court website.

Membership in the club is for lawyers only and it's FREE. We are going to verify that those who register are lawyers.

If you're a lawyer who handles some cases in traffic court or local criminal court, please register on the site.

There are currently 14 states in the directory, plus DC. A couple of the states are incomplete (TX, PA, and WA).

Please try it out. There are three main benefits:

1. You will be listed in the lawyer directory. Our site is visited by about 100,000 people a month. In the last 31 days there were over 35,000 visits from New York State, over 13,000 from California, and over 11,000 from New Jersey. And there's more: CT (4500), PA (4000), OH (3600), MA (3150), VA (3000), FL (2400), and TX (2200).

Some of these people might want a lawyer. Membership is free for now (we'll start charging $100/year in 2010). It'll take 10 minutes to get set up on the directory.

2. You can write articles that will appear on the site. This can generate more business for you.

3. There is a calendar feature. There are times when a lawyer needs another lawyer to cover an appearance. It can be tough to find someone. If you put your calendar in, someone looking for help will find you and you'll get more business. If you're looking for someone, the calendar will help. And as a fallback, the calendar lists lawyers who say they regularly handle that court.

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