Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oklahoma Playing Dirty

Just a quick hit on the Florida-Oklahoma game. Oklahoma is playing dirty. There was a horse-collar tackle on a FL running back (#3) - no call and it took him out of the game. A wicked facemask on Demps (FL #2) as he neared the end zone - called but just a nasty facemask. There was the uncalled and obvious cheap shot on Harvin (FL #1) when the Oklahoma defender yanked his legs after the tackle. And I saw a few cheap shots on Tebow too. One to the head, and another where the OU defender dropped a knee on Tebow's back after the play was over. The refs didn't call those. Tebow being the Man of Steel, he didn't notice either. But I did.

Of course the refs did find time to penalize Florida for excessive celebration once and a very weak taunting call on Tebow. Apparently an ACC crew that must hate the SEC.

I was also amazed at Demps' field speed on one play. Harvin had a long run in the first half, and Demps blazed ahead of him and blocked a defender.

I'm not sure Tebow is an NFL quarterback -- they tend not to like star QBs running hard up the middle. But he's clearly the MVP of college football this year.

Before the game I thought USC had an argument for being #1. Now, as the game appears to be out of reach, it's pretty clear that Florida deserves the title.

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