Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Albany DWI "Blanket Patrol"

Big news in Albany - this past weekend had a "blanket patrol" per Capital News 9.

Nice bit from the story - 944 traffic stops and 21 "drunk driving" arrests. If I've got this right, they interrupted the lives of about 1100 people (figuring 1.2 people per car) to make 21 arrests.

Also seems like 21 DWI arrests on a weekend for 11 municipalities is less than normal, not more. Maybe they should just focus on routine traffic enforcement.


Anonymous said...

Clearly you are an idiot. I am ashamed that you graduated from ALS.

Maybe it occurred to you that the reason for less DWI arrests was connected to the widespread coverage the blanket operation received on local media outlets, especially during Super Bowl weekend (which has higher than average television viewership). Therefore, the blanket operation achieved its objective of bringing drunk driving to the forefront of the public consciousness.

Maybe you should stick to refreshing your deductive reasoning.

Unknown said...

Wow, a fan! Thanks for your kind words. Brilliant thinking too. And yet, after all these years of DWI arrests, blanket operations, traffic safety corridors, TV commercials, infamous cases like Paris Hilton, and so on, all bringing drunk driving to the forefront, that people still drink and drive!