Friday, February 27, 2009

How NOT to handle a speeding ticket

I just got one of those speeding ticket phone calls ... the kind that leaves you scratching your head.

I got a ticket for going 96 in a 55.

Okay, so that's an 11-point speed which leads to a suspension unless you take defensive driving, and the fines are up to over $1300 ($685 on the ticket and $675 from the DMV assessment).

I already went to the trial date. The judge wouldn't let me put my case in, and found me guilty. Can I appeal?

This is like a regular Joe performing surgery on someone, killing the patient, and then looking for a doctor to do a resurrection. Yes, you can appeal that case but now it's going to cost a lot of money (maybe $2500) and we'll probably lose.

Hire a lawyer at the start. It costs less and is more effective.

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