Sunday, June 04, 2006


I've really been struggling for the last month or so. The move to our new space took a lot of time. While that was going on I had a very high pressure criminal case with a judge who was pushing too fast for my tastes. Fortunately, both for client and myself, the client took a deal with a rather lengthy prison sentence. Fortunate for him because he faced a big risk of a lot more time. Fortunate for me because I now have some time to dig out of the paperwork hole I'm buried in. It's a pretty sad story, but I'm going to wait a while before discussing it.

We also had a college intern start with us this month, and she's doing great. She's doing some fairly simple and routine tasks, and that makes my work a lot easier. I keep apologizing for the boring work but she insists she likes it. I'll try to keep varying the work and helping her understand various aspects of what we do. I reviewed a DWI bill of particulars with her the other day, and I hope that was interesting for her.

I worked for about 6 hours on Saturday and really feel like I made progress on catching up. Also, my DWI case for this coming week was adjourned, so I'll have time this week to get things going. That's really a case of SWI (Sleeping While Intoxicated). Don't know how the DA can go forward with it, but at least he's pleasant about the whole thing.

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