Sunday, June 04, 2006

Town Court site - completed three NY counties

Thanks to a gung-ho law student intern and some sleeplessness on my part, the town court directory website is on a roll. We've completed three counties now, including courts in Albany County, courts in Schenectady County, and courts in Onondaga County. We now have over 85 courts in 14 counties in the directory, and should have well over 100 by the end of the June.

There's a lot of learning along the way. I didn't know that Delanson was a village in Schenectady County. I thought it was a hamlet. It also doesn't seem to have a court, but I thought all villages had courts. Hmm.

The site is starting to get some traffic, in the ballpark of 300 visitors a week. This should increase dramatically as the pages get known on the web.

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