Thursday, June 07, 2007

Even more on attorney advertising and traffic court

Going back to my recent post on an unethical "attorney" website, I decided to do some more investigation.

I faxed a note to the site's fax number saying that I had gotten a ticket in Westchester County for 96 in a 65, and that I would like a quote.

I got a fax reply from "Gailia Walters," from "New York Traffic Tickets." The fax further indicates their slogan as "The Traffic Ticket Specialists."

Ms. Walters said:
Thank you for selecting our legal services. Here is your quote for your 8 point traffic ticket case. After handling over 50,000 traffic ticket cases over the last 15 years we are confident to inform you that we should be able to eliminate or reduce your points to prevent your insurance from going up. Our fee for this case is $800.00.
To proceed with this case please fax a copy of your traffic ticket to 1 866 899 4713 with your contact info so we can send you the retainer agreeement, and the credit card form. (Please let us know if you would like us to email or fax these forms to you)
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Well, I did have a further question, so I called. Ms. Walters, if that is her real name, answered the phone. I asked her for their firm name and she did not give me a sensible answer. Then I asked which lawyer would be handling my case. She gave me a name.

Patrick McLoughlin. She gave me his phone number: 716-536-0589.

I looked him up. He has a website/page at www-dot-defendingwnydrivers -dot- com.

He seems like a decent fellow, but he does not look like Ed Meese, James Baker, or Michael Deaver (see my previous post).

I also like how he's based in Rochester, and he handles "Criminal Defense Starting at $185"). Most likely Ms. Walters misunderstood when I said Westchester and thought I meant Rochester.

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Anonymous said...

Actualy, it is likely that he is Buffalo based since he is a member of the Erie County Bar Association and is not a member of Monroe County Bar Association. He is also not listed in Monroe County's attorney directory. Also, I have never seen him or heard of him, and I do a lot of work in local courts around Rochester.