Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Jersey Traffic Courts to enforce a new law

As you can read about in the following link, New Jersey Assembly has found a new way to make traffic courts busier without accomplishing much. In short, they want a new law requiring new residents to register their vehicles in NJ right away. I'm sure that will solve all New Jersey's problems. Phew!

Meanwhile, the busy New Jersey traffic courts, such as Jersey City Municipal Court will take care of this and make life better for all.

Meanwhile, in news about our traffic court database, we have now added an attorney advertiser in New Jersey. His name is Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, and he seems like a nice fellow. Based in Middlesex County, one of his busiest courts (and closest to his office) is Edison Municipal Court. I think the place was named for a lesser known Portuguese explorer, but others say it was some inventor guy.

I was talking to Blauvelt today and he mentioned a few other busy courts in New Jersey, like Newark, Woodbridge, and Trenton Municipal Court. Nice thing about our traffic court directory project is that I'm learning quite a bit about other places.

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