Monday, June 18, 2007

Sad Irony - A Good DWI Prosecutor Charged With DWI in Albany

I got a couple e-mail last night or this morning. My friend Joe Meany, an Assistant District Attorney in Albany, was charged with DWI. You can read some of the details (I can't verify the accuracy) in an article in the Times Union.

Joe prosecutes, or perhaps I should say used to prosecute, DWI cases in Albany. My regular readers (all three of them :-) ) will be surprised to see me say this about a prosecutor, but Joe is a good guy. Despite my criticisms, I do deal with many good prosecutors who I respect and appreciate. I know nothing more about this case than what I just read in the TU, but I stand by one of my principles. He's innocent until proven guilty. And I'm rooting for him.

I've had somewhere between 5 and 10 cases with him, including a trial. Joe has always been decent with me. No animosity, always straightforward, and always fought hard on his case - within the bounds of the rules and honorably.

His situation looks dark at the moment, but I hope he knows what I know, that his future is bright regardless of this moment.

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