Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another dubious "lawyer" website: New York Traffic Ticket Solutions

I found another dubious traffic lawyer website today. It's nytrafficticketsolutions -dot- com. It does not identify who the lawyers are, if any, that work with this "company" - New York Traffic Ticket Solutions.

I did a whois lookup and the administrative e-mail address is a Canadian site. Indeed, the site looks remarkably like the Canadian site, trafficticketsolutions -dot- ca. The whois shows a guy named Kevin Markis. This savvy marketer posted a comment on a speeding ticket blogpost: http://www.wisebread.com/fight-your-speeding-ticket-save-yourself-some-dough
where he said that his Canadian website would be a great help.

Oh, and the address shown on the whois is:
55 America St
Newyork, NY 10019-5497

I couldn't find an America Street in New York City, and that 9-digit zip is the same as The Museum of Modern Art.

I like the line on their site:
"Our professional staff of Lawyers and Paralegals specialize and concentrate solely on NY traffic tickets."

Of course I called just now. It does not appear to be the same as the previous fraudulent website. The person who answered the phone claimed she is a paralegal. I asked for the office address and she said that they're in upstate New York. She had a distinctive Canadian accent (I represent many Ontario drivers and one of my best friends is from Timmons).

The other day I had a call from someone in Long Island who had been looking at the other fraudulent lawyer website I've posted about: New York Traffic Tickets -dot- US. He was thinking of hiring them and read my posts, and wanted to thank me and ask for a referral to a real attorney.

Well, at least I'm doing something worthwhile with my life. You'd think the government would protect consumers from stuff like this ... oh no, wait, that's why I'm a Ron Paul fan.


Mark Bennett said...

How does the scam work?

Anonymous said...

Yes, how is it a scam? Do they just take your money and not hire lawyers? or are they just capitalists making money off marketing? Basically what our country was founded on, making money...

Unknown said...

I responded to the comments with a new post:

Unknown said...

Details of scam lawyer website

Anonymous said...

It's about money. Cities and states acrue allot of revenue via tickets and the way to handle this is not to get mad, but to get even. Everyticket you receive is redeamable for one NOT Guilty verdict the next time you serve on a jury. You will never see the other eleven people again and it costs the state a fortune, definitely more than your ticket, to re-try the case. The lost revenue cuts into the raises the police receive and upgrades to equipment required to do the job. When you are on a jury you have more power than anyone else in the courtroom INCLUDING the judge.
Use that power.

Unknown said...

in NY we don't get jury trials on traffic tickets. Not in most states but I hear they do in Texas.