Monday, July 30, 2007

Profile: Rodney

My last post was about one minor player in the local criminal law community, and this one is about another. I've named him Rodney after Rodney Dangerfield, one of my favorite comedians. Unlike the comedian, I'm happy to say that this Rodney is still alive.

Dangerfield's signature line was about not getting any respect. Our local Rodney is a bit like this. He often makes negative remarks about himself, as if he's not as smart as the other lawyers around him. While it isn't true, I think he actually believes it himself.

The thing about Rodney is that he's always helpful to other lawyers. He's just a fundamentally decent guy. He seems to work very hard, running around to all the local courts all the time. And despite his negative self-image, he's actually quite talented at handling certain types of cases. He doesn't see himself as a fighter and may be underestimated by some, but he can handle himself well in a trial if he has to do it.

Rodney is also generally well-liked. Everyone seems fond of him, including not only attorneys but judges and police as well. There are exceptions, but they don't like anyone.

The other thing about Rodney is that he's a character. He would not be out of place in a Woody Allen film. He always has a story to tell, and it's usually a good one. He has certain mannerisms and he talks with a distinctive cadence. Rodney is one of a kind, and I'm happy to know him.

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