Saturday, July 28, 2007


It's been a while since I've done a profile. I checked and it looks like I started on this idea in August of 2006, and ran out of steam. One profile I did seemed to get a lot of attention: The Bully. It was a semi-fictional and unflattering profile of an area judge.

A surprising number of lawyers seemed to know who I was talking about, and they all thought it was the same judge. I even heard that this judge had read the profile and was angry about it. What's interesting is that I didn't name the county, level of court, or even type of court. I cover a lot of courts, including village, town and city courts, county courts, Supreme Court, and even federal court (admitted in both Northern and Southern Districts). And we cover a wide area, regularly appearing in something like 10 counties (I was in Poughkeepsie and Kingston this past week).

So, if I didn't name the type of court or the county, why did all these people - including the judge himself - think it was about him?

Moving on, I've been stewing on a new profile for a while, and it's coming soon. Watch out for Batman!

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