Monday, July 30, 2007

Profile: Snidely

One minor figure who stands out to me in the Capital Region legal community is a criminal lawyer whose nickname, for purposes of this post, is Snidely. I don't know him well at all. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me, though I don't know why (there are plenty of good reasons).

There are things about Snidely that I noticed the first day I saw him. He has what seems like a permanent sneer on his face. I've seen it there when he's speaking to others, so it's not just me. Maybe he could use some face coaching.

This may just be me, but Snidely seems to interrupt my conversations with others, and does so as if I'm not even there. If I actually have the audacity to assert myself at such a moment (I usually do), the sneer grows dramatically. Somehow it seems like Snidely is "inside" the criminal lawyers club, and I'm on the outside, and he has some sense that I'm invading his turf.

We've never had any kind of verbal disagreement. It's not like there's any gossip going back and forth. Neither of us is on the other's radar enough to provoke any kind of war. We're too busy with other things I guess. Just somehow I have this negative feeling. I saw him within the past week and it prompted me to think about him.

With many of my profiles, a number of people seem to think they know who I mean. I suspect in this case no one will pick up on it, but we'll see. And if you're reading this and you think it's about you, you're probably wrong.

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