Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DWI Laws and "The Joe"

On a previous DWI post, I got a comment from pml, a regular commenter. Originally I was going to respond in a comment on that post, but decided to do a whole new post once I realized how long it was going to be.

I certainly agree with pml that all drivers should know about the .08 law and that they should not drink and drive. However, a recent experience hit me with the contradictions of the nanny state. I just went to a Valley Cats baseball game at "The Joe" (named for NY Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno). They serve alcohol at the Joe. The Joe is a government-built, government-run facility on the campus of a government-run community college (which has a number of under-21 students I might add). There are sponsored messages from alcohol producers - I remember one from Bud or Bud Light that seemed to really captivate the many children at the park - I think it was Mr. Baseball Glove Wearing Guy, or something like that. The Joe also has plenty of parking.

The Joe is a wonderful place for people to bring their kids, have a few beers, and then drive home with them.

Please understand that I'm not criticizing minor league baseball. I had fun at the game and think it's a wonderful thing for kids and families.
But it's hypocritical for the government to invite people to an event, encourage them to drink at the event, provide alcohol, offer no meaningful public transit to or fro, offer free parking, thereby encouraging people to drive, and then punish them when they drive home.

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Anonymous said...

Thats what the designated driver is for. I was having supper the other night in between office hours and the start of court. I was eating at the only place in town that serves food, which happens to be one of the 3 bars in town. The owner knows who I am, as do most of the afternoon patrons. We got into a discussion on younger adults drinking. one of his response was that the younger crowd almost always is in a group and usually has a DD. Reflecting on his comment, I thought about the DWI's that I have seen in the past year or so and surprising on 1 was under 21, and only a few were under 25. The majority were 30 or older. Maybe the younger crowd is catching on to not drinking and driving.